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The Full Story


I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach and have been connected to fitness in some capacity for 20+ years. I earned my degree in Sports medicine, and have worked as a Personal trainer, group fitness instructor, ergonomic specialist, job-specific conditioning specialist, injury prevention, post-injury management, and Health and Wellness Manager for a large company. I have worked in corporate wellness centers, small gyms, and business settings and have learned so much about how important it is to understand each individual you work with and how that person interacts with their environment. This is especially true with health and wellness and designing fitness programs. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all.



Provide a personalized experience with fitness programs tailored for each individual utilizing a holistic approach that helps them achieve their goals. Each of us must take ownership of our health and I am here to support and empower YOU to build this into your lifestyle in a sustainable way. Workouts are ever-changing, Fun, and Challenging!

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Hammerhead shark story

Hammerhead sharks play an integral role in my life.  They have captivated me since the very first time I dove with them.  They are unique and symbolize strength, power, flexibility, grace, adaptability, extraordinary awareness of themselves and the environment around them.  To me, this translates beautifully into Health and Fitness.  This is why it was important to me to incorporate this into my brand.

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